Where's my office today?

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Founders. I’ve tried every shared, public, private, outdoor and underground  workspace there is  so you don’t have to

Home Study

Upside. Lots of tea. Toilet with the door open. Your music at your volume at all times.

Downside. When family members see you they will ask you things, no matter if you are on the phone or not. Start talking to the budgies. A lot. Become obsessed with the cleaning of floors because you see them every goddam waking moment. Look forward to mail. Napping without notice.


Upside. Free wifi. Comfy chairs that aren’t sticky all the time Great to see your local Big Issue salesman have some napping downtime.

Downside. They are the last place on earth to have new magazines so let’s read them all!!  The eat anything at any time policy is tough. Got a booky food court feet smell which can really stay with you.

Other Peoples Offices

Upside. Easy way to get your hit of human interaction. Find out how everyone’s weekend was, get involved in footy tipping, tag along to goodbye lunches and welcome to the company drinks.

Downside. You will get zero work done. This is why you left your job in the first place. Put the cake down and move away.


Upside. You get more done then you then think, because you expect to do nothing. No free wifi so great to come up with blog ideas. Get that sunshine action happening that all the young people are talking about.

Downside. Birds shitting on your computer. Yup.


Upside. Plenty of snacks and hot beverages. People are paid to be nice to you and have to listen to your boring product build stories. Excellent staring into nothing opportunities.

Downside. How long does a cuppa buy you in a café? Been there for an hour-long latte  so is it time to bagel up to call off the waiter stares? Find hiding behind mother’s groups work really well.


Upside. Cheap. The ever-changing scenery and the rattling keeps you alert and awake.  Always someone with an unlocked wifi

Downside. It’s a tram.

WeWork etc

Upside. Keep updated with a handkerchief in pocket fashion. Free hot chocolate and beer. Meet like-minded people trying to build something great. 

Downside. Don’t use a Mac so it’s always tough setting up amongst the looks of disbelief. My $500 a month would but 124 beverages so it’s not free. Find myself hot desking next to startups which seem better or worse than mine which makes continually happy, sad, jealous, satisfied and hungry. 

Food Court

Upside. What it says on the pack. Food! Court!

Downside. Lunch starts early. And afternoon tea becomes a thing. Great for business but superbad for belly.

Hotel Foyers

Upside. Packing a laptop you look like a guest. A busy guest. Waiting for other busy people. They bring you food and drinks. Have meetings with investors who think you flew in for them. WIFI is top notch. Get called Sir a bunch.

Downside. Zero. Once filmed an ad at the Stamford for zero problems.


Foyers. Anytime, all the time.