What is Onya again?

235 words

We are a bleeding edge software as a solution service delivered on a disruptive crowd-sourced peer to peer human resource management referral solution that is disrupting all facets of applicant tracking, resource planning and talent acquisition. Algorithmic hiring solutions.


It's a place to refer a mate to a job.  

Free to join. See a job. Send an email. Takes a minute help a help get a job and get a reward later on. 

You help a friend spend their working hours at a place they actually like.  If they get a job you get a reward as a voucher or donation in charity in your name. You get to use the networks you have to change the way people get hired, and perhaps get the favour returned. 

It's not rocket surgery. Let my nine-year-old daughter explain it to you.

Looking to hire? Simply put up an ad to leverage your industry's networks. 

Onya contacts 1,000'  and 1,000's of true industry experts with decades of hands-on experience and asking them one question- who do you know for this job?.

Industry selected referrals are 

Most popular source of applicants

Build the most engaged workforce

Most effective way to find passive job seekers

Quicker and cheaper to hire

Stay longer in the role

Let my kid have another go at explaining it.

Onya. It's all about who you know.

 Want complicated? Try Cryptocurrency. Whats all that about?