Things done changed.

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I can't ask workmate's grammar questions. Or eat there food.

Kids at school drop off don’t believe you are a start up founder. They think you are unemployed and will call you that in front of non- startup founders. Or people with jobs as the kids say.

When I was unemployed coming out of uni there were A LOT fewer people around during the day. It was like me a Greek grandma at midday on Brunswick St. What is everyone doing in these coffee shops?

Gremlins 2 is an excellent movie. The bit where the genetically mutated Gremlin eats the film reviewer giving Gremlin the original a bad rap is awesome. Could have watched it 10 times Then I did.

I quite like building stuff. Onya is starting to take shape.

Using offshore developers, would I be supporting the third world or ripping off the first world?

The internet is my best worst friend. I no longer have any distinction between any social media. I see how LinkedIn have all those puzzles now.

Setting up a business and dividing equity in a company with money is odd.

Maybe I’ll do a little recruiting. Just a bit. What can it hurt? Websites are like seven bucks.

Is blogging working? Creative marketing seems too much fun to be work.

Talking to shopkeepers for A LOT longer. Mum is even getting sick of my calls.

Being a matchstick would be the worst. Cooped up all day in the dark. Suddenly there is a bright light, and your best mate has ripped away before again you are submerged into the only darkness you have ever known. Then from the side of your very small home comes along scrapping sound. And a weird smell. The smoke. Suddenly that light again and your best friend is returned. Dead. His head now blackened and body shredded. And one by one it happens again and again.

Online catch-up chats are never-ending internal meetings in disguise.

Working from home you are surrounded by potential chores and a 'list of what chores are to be attempted in what order.