The truth about feeback

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Someone has to say it. Not replying to every job seeker is the new normal. It impossible to for an HR or recruitment job and reply to everybody.

Look at the stats, there is no getting around them. Typical white collar workers get an average of 121 emails a day. 

That is your typical corporate person. Not your people professional who is involved in every aspect of workforce engagement, headcount targets and work culture. Not saying this is a harder job but it certainly is traffic rich.

HR people have an average of 415 connections on LinkedIn, recruiters have 702. Lots and lots of messages there.

There are 2435 job boards in Australia. OK, I made that up but it seems true doesn't it? All of them have a funnel integrated directly into your system with notifications ahoy at every stage. (While we are talking integration do you believe every application comes through. Really? Can't reply to what we don't see.)

Thanks to super easy design it takes a click to submit so unfiltered resumes are constantly coming your way. You're a hovercraft pilot? No problems please apply for this architect role. To be fair these are the people who need a response the most.

Then you ad whatever message coming in from Facebook, Instagram and industry-specific sites.

Then you have Slack. Man, Slack. Not sure what I did before Slack. Maybe have a coherent thought? (Ping again, I dare you. No, I'm not turning off the sound I hate. I'll miss something!)

Finally, internal referral programs need to be managed because when it works it works brilliantly.

No wonder 42% of people check mail on their phones in the toilet.

Then we got external recruiters. Just sending resumes of people and calling for catchups and feedback. Your ringing landline is a continual game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the candidate edition. People can remember 150 names and faces on average so you will not win that game.

These aren't excuses. 

The sheer volume of engagement, plus managing headcount targets, makes you miss getting back to people. It really isn't personal.

Folks in these roles really want people to get a job.(You could automate the whole reply function but is that better or worse than nothing? I hate the thanks for the application auto-mail. )

More ways to communicate has resulted in fewer ways to engage and made job hunting harder.

So, sorry. But myabe you will not get any feedback form an application. You definitely will get feedback from any interviews or test. Mostly. Probably. So sorry again.

 if you have a mate looking for a new job tell them to keep at it, and it will happen. Keep an eye out to refer them to a job because that will certainly help.

Get them to remember one thing-  looking for a job is harder than doing a job.