(Sort of) Working from home

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Never been that guy. The “I get more done because there’s nothing to distract me and I save time on commute” working from home guy. I was more the asking the boss how they swung a day off without the leave meter ticking down guy.

But here I am. Sitting in my office/ storage room/ yoga studio and figuring out how to get more people using our crowdsourced hiring solution Onya. And trying not to watch Predator for the 16th time. There are two US governors in that movie! Shawshank Redemption can’t beat that. 

OK. These are the sort of home thoughts that are not helping. Blurring your work and home life can muddy the waters.  

Where was I? Working from home.

Internal meetings are down which is nice. One daily stand-up with key stakeholders for deliverable outcomes (going to school) and I’m out. Seem to work very agile with pivots every four to five minutes those kids.

But internal meetings have been replaced by a never-ending flow of team comms though email, Slack, Trello boards, Messenger and LinkedIn. With all these conversations surprised I’m not getting more done.

One man ping pong does not work

The mixed lunch of deep fried chicken steak and side order of a dozen pork dumplings have been replaced by a wide range of toasted sandwiches. For the young players, chunky beef soup doesn’t Breville. At all.

Certainly more free with my office decorations. Clint Eastwood and Star Wars Lego theme is working well. No pictures of the family required when they are a raised voice away.

The administration side of the business is at a decade low. Pretty sure that won’t come back to bite me.

There is also that wild mix of emotions. Sort of a constant happy worried hungry feeling.

Just thirty seconds worth of examples……….Why am I home on a Monday? I have to pay how much for that coffee? I am no longer a wage earner so don’t lie down for just a bit. Is staring out the window and dreaming about your TED talk working? Is blogging working? IS this working? If I chat with another parent in the park is that networking? Building offshore is bloody cheap, but highly problematic, but bloody cheap. Do I tell people at a party I’m a founder of a startup?  Maybe stick with hovercraft pilot? Will I be invited to parties now I am a business outcast? What time do I have to take the kids to that appointment?

Probably now.