So you are looking for work

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Job seekers, try not to stress too much about the hiring process. It's hard, confusing stuff. Like kale, no one really likes it but you have to grind through it.

You have more chance yelling at paint to dry faster or not to be that colour then figuring out 'next steps'.

Process. A lot of the time there simply isn't one. What happens next depends on the time of the day, whether resumes wrongly shared, if someone lost their keys. You know., human stuff.

More of the time there are multiple processes being run by multiple people. All different versions of the original decided upon by someone else in some other time.

It's like a band playing five different songs at once. Sometimes it can work like great jazz. Usually, it just works out like jazz.

Then the process can change because we need someone bloody right now so just hire that person they seem OK I don't care what the algorithm says about ratings.

Coffee chat turns into panel interviews. Meet the team becomes a three-hour test. And vice versa. Always with the vice versa.

Just hang on. Do everything required with a smile until you can meet someone and figure out if you can do the job and want to do the job.

Ten years recruitment has taught me one thing.

Looking for a job is harder than doing a job. So you have to treat it like on. 





Get your resume looking great. Sure the average time a recruiter spends looking at is 7 seconds and 72% lie on them but you have to do it. There are plenty of resume formatting sites to sort out the 2 to 4 pages that sum up your working life. 

People hiring are looking for a few things. Have you done the job before, have you done it in a similar industry and you got qualifications. Tick those boxes and most likely you are through to the next round so please make it easy for them. Address these facts in an intro letter and state them plainly. 

Hiring managers see hundreds of resumes so make it easy for them.

 And like longer is no good, faster is better. Folks will stop looking through resumes if they find someone great so ignores the end date for applications. First in best-dressed works for sharing pizzas and it works for applying for jobs. Do not accept the final soggy piece of meat-free Americana of job hunting.

Next step they will look on Linked In. If you are working at one place on the internet and somewhere else on your resume it is game over. Match your details on any platform that seems relevant. This also includes removing any details you think twice about. Bucks party pics don't help you get that accountant gig

Now put your process in place. 

Every day check the job boards. Apply for the best matching jobs with the same resume and a tailored introduction letter that addresses criteria. Now apply for some jobs which you may be out of your reach or a year or two down the road. Who knows? Don't apply for a hovercraft pilot if you are a pastry chef but why not have a crack at something sort of close?

Just be ready to be able to talk about WHY you can do the job. Because everytime you apply you will call a line manager or reception or HR or whoever to say hello. Just a hello, did you get my resume? Great any questions please give a call and have a nice day. Then you are out. 

Give them a taste of the competent intelligent person you are so they dig out a resume and get in you into the maybe pile.

Now time to get working on referrals. Because it is who you know.

Tell you're good mates and old workmates and relatives and neighbours what sort of job you are looking for. Ask them to help. It's not a pride thing. You would help a friend get a job, wouldn't you?

Referrals are the best way to get work so ask your networks. And get used to people saying networks. 

Make a list of companies you would like to work for, and people in hiring [positions. Look at people's careers you admire on Linked In. Then connect with them by simply telling them the truth- I like your company and feel I could add value so if any roles come up I could be a match for please get in touch. Or your career is where I would like to take my career so would be great to connect and hear any advice you may have.

Yup. It's pretty full on. If you don't have a slightly sick feeling by now I'd be concerned.

Looking for a job is harder than getting a job.

But if you get your resume and profiles sorted, get applying and asking for referrals, and follow up, the interview will come.

Bloody hell. Interviews. Let's leave that for other time....