Missing the daily grind

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Lately, I’ve been banging on about how much I love working for myself in a start-up. But somehow there are things I miss about work. No, really.

Shared kitchen for one. Watching work mates reinvent Sunday roast into lunch four days running. Hearing the young folk talking about clubs that open once I have gone to bed. Realizing I have no idea about what makes cars go broom broom. Guessing what out of date foods started life as.

Could stand about for hours letting humanity wash over me. And I did.

I now dress like an unsponsored skater. Lot’s of online chats and visiting start-up hubs have caused my outfits to exist of jeans, cons and t-shirts with bands that broke up a decade ago. Next step is all day robe. Again.

Grammar help from surrounding desks was ace. No spelling app can contain my sausage finger typing and lizard brain punctuation. Each sentence is a red line express, and there thier there is no one to ask.

The 6, 9 and 42-year-old members of my family will not talk about football on a Monday morning or Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. I mean this trade week has been insane but it’s all Harry Potter or show and share.

Man, I loved annoying my boss in an internal meeting. LOVED it. Whenever a new internal process or system was introduced I couldn’t get enough of my manager trying to explain how X would work better than Y, and this was how X would now be done.

Pause. Any questions?

My time to shine, Sometimes a general why? Sometimes something specific from the very start.

Maybe I’d put together a scenario then ask what action I should take.

Or sometimes just repeating back what they said, but way slower in a questioning tone. A surprised Huh really worked well. By the end, it just took an eyebrow raise for one boss to turn red.

Stationary is the tough one. God, I miss you stationary. Ironically it never writes.

Reams of paper, endless pens and enough sticky notes to build a fort. Then someone would come around and say, Ian, do you need anything from Officeworks? Better than Christmas.

Also turns out Friday drinks instead Friday drinks if it’s you at the kitchen table colouring in with the kids, even if the kids are knocking back Mocktails and mixed bar nuts.

Hmmm. Not that weird dropping by your old workplace five months later? Hang around the kitchen a bit? Take in a meeting. Say Hi to some stationary.

People. I mean people.