Dummies guide to recruiting gooder.

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Outsourcing recruitment can make sense. 

Engaging market experts to present your team to the best people currently looking for work in your industry. It seems a good idea. You hire accountants, lawyers, why not recruiters?

But nah.

Maybe for short-term contractors when projects are falling off rails or you need a specific freelance skill.

But engaged, permanent staff need to be attracted by engaged, permanent staff.

Hiring is part of marketing.

Flexing teams and growing companies should see hiring new staff as part of everyday marketing. As you tell your community about the great work you do, you should also tell your community how you are a great place to work.

A team should always be hiring as it should always be promoting its abilities.

Once the hiring infrastructures is set up and process locked permanent team growth becomes easier.

Growth Targets

So what do you do as a company? How do you do it? Why do you do it? Where is the company going?

Of course, your team knows that. Of course, this message is going out to the right social channels to attract work.

A tweak here and there about joining the team within this message should be no problems.

The Checklist.

Shit. You have given me homework.

  1. Brand Guideline
  2. Content 
  3. Channels Defined
  4. One Pager "Who we are"
  5. Pitch "Why we are the best"
  6. Socials Set Up
  7. Meetups Planned
  8. Personas
  9. Engagement Strategy
  10. Referral Program
  11. Employee Feedback Loop
  12. CRM System
  13. Contract Management Partner
  14. IV Process
  15. IV Questions
  16. Reference Templates
  17. Assessment Tools
  18. Job Descriptions
  19. Job Ad Templates
  20. Email Templates
  21. Exit Interview
  22. Career Planning Templates

No. Well yes.

Most of this should be available from different teams or stuff you already do.

Just have it in one place.

The process needs to be locked down and adhered to so everyone, including the person you are trying to hire, knows what is going on.

Most companies have no process or a bunch of different processes running at the same time. It’s like coming over for afternoon tea and being offered a spanner. Then a golf club. And a map of the world. All useful things but why?

Operational Staffing Pipeline.

Workforce Planning- keep staff working on projects they like and are good at

Talent Pipeline- match future projects to team’s skills and interests

Skills Gap- recognise gaps in tech for upcoming projects

Market Mapping- target professionals with skills the teams need

Career Management-retention and engagement of staff

Your HR machine needs to know their people and people they want to become their people.

Selling to your community

Become known as an employee destination. Have a great story told to the key people in the right forum.

Talk to clients, targets and talent- explain your brand- through networks, referrals, social selling, meetups and cold calls

Train all staff to ask for referrals. Share upcoming projects so they can spot talent.

Social selling works when you contribute to conversations daily. Ask for work rarely.

CRM Rules

Record the basic information of each person you meet related to the business. You should be always be meeting great people in your industry so keep track,  because new business  or partnership opportunities are future hiring opportunities

All staff should be looking for partnerships that make the company stronger which includes great talent. Yes, salespeople will need to do update systems. Good luck with that.

Candidate Attraction

Everybody talks in an industry, and we all know when a culture is poor. Ensure your team are doing interesting work in a supportive environment and they will tell people about it

Referral Program of $1000 -$4000 for every new hire also helps spread the good word.

Ensure all your socials are on consistent messaging and attractive / Be continually testing new channels to communicate effectively with potential new hire- let them know the work and people are great so they want to find you.

Own the process

Got a new job that has to be filled? Fill out  job templates to ensure consistency from the start and match skills, dollars, availability and location with


CRM System- Vetted Talent

Referrals-  Internal

Referrals-  External- Onya www.onya.me

Socials-  Publish needs then search networks 

Job Boards SEEK Talent Search AngelList LinkedIn

Got a person, looks great, what now?

It's go time.

Contact- book phone call or coffee

1 x IV- Cultural and current work. What do you like to do? Confirm $, dates, thoughts on role vs other opportunities 

Check background with network

2 x IV technical or test for perm staff, not contract to Confirm $, dates, thoughts on role vs other opportunities

3 x IV Why? Really. If you have to.....

Panel IV- No. Everyone is bad at them including the interviewers. 


Verbal offer and acceptance. Get excited! Let them know this is going to be great and we are going to make something great together.

Sticky BIts

If trust is built throughout process work through objections.

If they have a better job agree with them. Industries are  actually  small so wish them well

Build yes’s. You like the job, you like the role, the money is right….

Get verbal agreement from both sides.

Begin paperwork.

Momentum- Job brief has taken to offer and paperwork within 2 weeks max.


Be hiring.

Make your company a destination

Pay fair but remember you will never pay the most.

Get buy-in from staff. Hire as a team.

Be flexible.

Keep it simple internally.

Work the process to build engaged teams.