Disruptive Digital Journey. Yup.

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I’m starting a band. Sorry founding a start-up.

I can’t combine egg whites with sugar, tend to curse in presentations and don’t have the right shoes for a digital nomad so this seems the smart play.

Having written a book, filmed some short films and grown a beard this seemed like the obvious next move. Also always wanted to get the whole pocket square thing happening.

Going to start by setting a few rules about my journey. The first is never call it a journey.

Not looking to disrupt either. That’s for the 'funny' guy making cracks during antenatal classes.

Unicorn talk is for my daughter.

I’m also going to call Angel Investor’s what they are. A rich uncle or long-lost aunt making up for time.

Richard Branson lesson’s and quotes are not welcome here. Unless it’s about Mike Oldfield. After all business ventures went south Richard went all in on Tubular Bells which i one of the more unlistenable records ever and made all the money in the world form it. That was pretty ace.

Not going to be drawn into the internet of things.

I always end up talking about washing machines critiquing my fashion choices, how I don’t need a white good telling me to go shopping. No talk of SoLoMo, virality, gamification, advertainment or any other word my PC underlines as misspelt. And yup I said PC.

Will always be a blockchain free environment. Going to go Warren Buffet on that one- if I can't physically put my hands on it, not going to invest in it.

Same for the snackable content or any content really. May say words and pictures. Two- way conversation? It has to be two way or you're talking to yourself. Tried being Agile in at school pickup but took a different kid home at lunchtime so that didn't work out great.

Before I sound like a climate change denier….

I will be engaging a community. I will be making something that solves a problem and I will be making something that is useful. And can make a buck from. And I will be asking everyone I know what they think about the idea as we build it over the next couple of months.

So early adopters? Come on board. Would love to hear from you on my digital journey.