How to kick start your job search for a self confessed procrastinator

Posted by Laura Janus on Jan 9, 2019 1:33:42 PM

So, you’ve decided it’s time to start looking for a new job but have no idea where to begin.

Or maybe you do, and you just find the whole job hunting situation too overwhelming. Either way, there are a few of us out there who just need a little help, a small dose of motivation to kick us into gear and help get the ball rolling.  If you’re a self-professed procrastinator, constantly talking about getting a new job but doing nothing about it, here are a few easy ways to get you going.

Make a plan

You don’t have to develop a full job search strategy but think about what type of work you really want to do and why. Are you after full time work with flexible hours or are you interested in working in a particular industry? Also, start a list of things you like and don’t like about your current job. Doing both of these exercises will help navigate and refine your search so you’re not wasting hours scrolling through job postings that aren’t relevant.  

Get the essentials ready

Update your resume and create a template cover letter you can tailor to each application. By having these ready will allow you to hit the apply button without having to dedicate hours to each application. While you’re at it, check to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch too.

Get talking

It seems simple but the more you tell people your looking for a new job the better and not just to people who work in the same field as you, we mean everyone. It’s incredible how one conversation can pass from a brother to a best friend to an aunt and lead to a second cousin who is currently looking to employ someone.

On the more professional side, find out about networking nights, launches and industry events to help make new connections and grow your professional network.

When referrals go pro

Referrals make up seven per cent of all applicants but overwhelmingly result in 60 per cent of hires. Moreover, eight two per cent of companies rank referrals as best way to hire. With those types of numbers its worth signing up to a referral-based network.

Online providers like Onya are doing just that, connecting businesses looking to hire (Hirers) with experienced professionals in their field (Helpers). With Onya providing the meeting place where individuals can connect, these helpers recommend contacts with the right skills to match the job on offer. In short, Onya leans on classic word of mouth methods to crowd source the recruitment process.

Sophisticated referral networks, like Onya,  are a strong alternative for job seekers who find the traditional search options overly competitive. On top of that, these communities have a genuine interest in connecting the right employers to the right people and have a reward scheme for successful hirers.

Work with recruiters

Reach out to recruitment agencies who specialise in your preferred employment field or who represent particular businesses you’d love to work with. They can be a great source of recommendation and provide advice working in different organisations or around applying your skills in other industries or roles.

Get notified

Now that you’ve worked out what type of job you want, create tailored job alerts with the major employment websites using keywords. This will allow you to receive regular job notifications based on your individual career preferences.

If you have your eye set on a specific business, check if you can register for job alerts directly through their website. Industry online publications tend to have a dedicated section to job alerts and listings, so it worth signing up to their newsletters too.

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