How to help a mate get a new job

Posted by Laura Janus on Jul 1, 2019 8:54:56 AM

No one likes to see their mates being out of work. Whether they have left a job on their own terms, suffered through a restructure, been laid off or perhaps are just miserable going to work every day; whatever the reason, the transition for them can be a tedious and emotional journey.

So what can you do to help?  It can be tempting to just dive in and try to fix the situation. But before you do, have a read of these handy hints to help get your friend on track. The thank you message will be in your inbox before you know it, not to mention their added burst of motivation in the job search department.


Be supportive

It seems obvious but seriously, be supportive, not critical. It can be easy to flood your friend with advice and strategies on what they should be doing. Instead, take the time to listen and we mean, really listen.

It can be a pretty confronting and overwhelming time for them and a little sensitivity can go a long way. Get them talking; what is it they loved or despised about their old job? What would they change – the industry, the company, or even the location?  What does their dream job look like? Is it part time, full time or contract work?

Jot down the answers while their talking; and just like that, your friend has developed a rough frame work for their new job search. All with a little listening (and scribe) help from you.  

Put your pro skills into action

When a friend is in need, we all want to help anyway we can. When their looking for a new job, think about what personal or professional skills you can offer to help them out. Perhaps you’re a great editor and can give their LinkedIn summary and resume a refresh. Or you’re a natural networker and can be their designated wing-person at industry gatherings. Maybe you’re design talents can help them create a visual portfolio to animate their key achievements in a more engaging way.  Whatever your professional or secret talent is, it may play a really helpful role in their search plan.

Cross check your networks

Put the call out to your own network. Whether it’s to your internal HR team or your wider professional community, put the feelers out to see if anyone is looking to hire someone in your friend’s relevant field. Even putting them in touch with like-minded individuals is a great way for your mate to get career advice, gain new knowledge and increase their professional network. You never know where future opportunities can thrive from.  

Referrals: The ultimate endorsement

Professional referral networks are changing the way we recruit and offer job searchers a less intimidating way to connect with hirers. Sophisticated referral networks like Onya  connect the right employers to the right people. To boost your mate’s chances and professional visibility, sign up to a referral platform like Onya and recommend your mate for any relevant job posts.

How does it work? Onya is an online portal which connects businesses looking to hire (Hirers) with experienced professionals in their field (Helpers). These helpers, like you, recommend contacts with the right skills to match the job on offer, like you friend! The process is completely confidential. Once you hit the recommend button, an email is sent to your nominated email address to share with the potential candidate.

Write a recommendation

Like referrals, recommendation write ups are a great way to endorse your friend’s professional skill set. Upload one to their LinkedIn profile, so that potential hirers can see them too. They can also be added to your mate’s website or resume as a testimonial.

Job Alerts

Send through any relevant job post listings or talent recruitment call outs on LinkedIn or social media directly to your mate. With two pairs of eyes on the lookout, it just might increase their chances to finding their dream job.

Career Advice

If your friend is considering a complete career change, suggest they talk to a career’s counsellor or better still, send them a few names if you know of people who have used them in the past. Consultants in this field can be a great source of insight. They can review your friend’s skill set and offer other career options they could potentially apply to. It could open them up to a whole new line up of employment positions.

Want to refer a mate for a job? Sign up to Onya, the online platform connecting the right people to the right businesses

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